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Who We Are

Welcome to Relic Cane Corso! We are a small scale, husband and wife team devoted to producing quality Corso and making lasting relationships with their new families.

So here is a little bit about us, Ryan and I (Sarah) are a licensed exotic animal breeder and have been since 2007. We have everything from Sugar Gliders, Coatimundi and Giant Tortoises. Check out our other page and give us a like and share.

I am a licensed veterinary technician, which is where the Corso obsession began. I met my first Corso at the office one day and quickly fell head over heels in love with them. One day a client brought in a tiny runt for us to examine. She was ¼ of the size of her littermates but had the typical spirt of a Corso. She was resilient and a fighter. The breeder that brought her in wanted to euthanize her because she thought she was suffering. We talked her into letting me keep her and that little puppy grew up to be my best friend. Asti is the embodiment of what a Corso is. She is loyal, strong, intelligent, and she lives to make me happy.

After owning a dog like I have never seen before, I was hooked. Remember I am a veterinary technician, I interact with all kinds of dogs all day every day. This was a breed like I have never seen before. The way Asti would watch me at all times to make sure I was ok 24/7. As a tiny 8 week old puppy she would sit behind me, tail touching the back of my leg and guard me. The level of loyalty was astounding.

We had to have another one so we brought home Ruckus. Ruckus brings the fun, he is every bit as loyal as Asti but such a silly boy. After having Asti (spayed) and Ruckus (neutered) we decided we wanted to start a breeding program of our own. After much deep thought and research, we decided we would bring another female into our home and hopefully start a program with her. I knew without a question which line I wanted to start my program with…….so we brought home the lovely Eerie, from the same sire and dam as Asti. Eerie did not disappoint, she has the same eager to please personality as her sister Asti.

Since then, we have welcomed several imports into our program and made wonderful relationships with breeders around the world. We enjoy showing in AKC conformation for the bond it creates between dog and owner and the time we get to spend with friends and fellow breeders.

We strive to produce puppies with the best Health, Temperament, And Confirmation possible in this Majestic Breed! Our program has a huge focus on temperament, socialization and health.

As a Veterinary Technician, producing dogs with the best health possible is of upmost importance to me. We are a firm believer in only breeding if you plan to leave the breed in a better place than you found it. That means selectively breeding the best to the best and focusing on producing a puppy with a sound mind and body. Please take a look around our page and feel free to ask any and all questions you may have. We are happy to share our love of this amazing breed with you.

Check out our face book page for lots more pictures, videos, and litter updates!!!!

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